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About Finoux

The “Digitally Absent” enterprise is on brink of extinction and the “Digital Ready” enterprise is breaking all records. You need to make a choice. Not just choice, but you need a partner to walk the “Digital Path” from strategic consulting to impeccable execution and ongoing support.Founded by a team that build ‘moneycontrol.com’ in 1999, we have repeatedly accompanied large brands in their digital transformational journey over this long journey.

We help over 35 Large BFSI service providers globally and built most of their digital assets like transaction portals, mobile applications, engagement tools, user experience strategies, to name a few.By ushering an innate understanding of the key stakeholders, their operating models and roles within the greater ecosystem for every engagement, Finoux has obtained a firm footing in the market with its ground-breaking offerings for various Financial Institutions including Banks, Online Stock Brokers, Financial Media, Wealth Managers, NBFCs, Consumer Portals, etc. over the years.

Finoux has the unique advantage of commanding core competencies that cover the whole range from consultation to design to code to applications and support services. Our solutions are characterized by the fact that they are not the run-of-the-mill software one would find while shopping at the typical Indian IT vendor. Our offerings are built on a sound ‘product vision’ aimed at delivering ‘Real’ Results, Business & Profitability. In a short period of 6 years, we have expanded our wings across various markets like India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Switzerland, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Why Finoux

Top Reasons to choose Finoux as your Digital Transformation Partner

Service Excellence

Our Success is directly linked to the quality of service we deliver. We strive for service excellence with a always-ready approach to roll up our sleeves and ensure that our services are nothing short of excellent. We are extremely responsive and accommodative to requests.

Practical Innovation

Team Finoux believes strongly in sifting through dreamy idea and executable plans. We constantly consult our customers on feasibility and practicality of all their initiatives and ideas. Most of our customers invite us to brainstorming sessions and we are happy to contribute with our practical innovation.


Since the inception Finoux has ingrained customer centricity at the core of our values. We believe that customers come before profitability and a happy customer is faster route to value creation than transaction level profitability. Thus we have ensure that most of our customers have continued to work with us for the entire period since we started.

Passionate Team

The entire Finoux team is driven by the same passion as its founders. We are driven by delivering the best possible solution for every customer requirement. We believe in pushing our and customer limits in favour of delivering the best functionality to our customers’ customers.

Unique Solutions approach

Our Approach towards solutions is to combine our understanding of user behaviour with a commitment to meeting business goals of the customer. We are proactive in our approach and recommend unique solutions to each customers unique business situation and challenges.

Domain Centric Focus

We believe in focusing on industry segments where we have indepth understanding and experience. This helps us to understand the customers domain and pain points much better and our solution delivers lot more business value than automating few of their digital processes.

The Team

Meet the Co-Founders
Sanjay Sarkar
Sanjay Sarkar
Co-Founder & Director
Pankaj Maste
Pankaj Maste
Co-Founder & Director
Hemesh Shah
Hemesh Shah
Co-Founder & Director
Praveen Nair
Praveen Nair
Co-Founder & Director


Finoux has proven technological prowess in the following areas

Application Development Technologies

Finoux has built proven capabilities in various development frameworks like Dot.Net, PHP, Python, etc. We have a technologically agnostic approach to application development. This helps us to be sensitive to the clients existing investments in technology and still deliver a world-class solution.


A strong team which supports all projects on the database architecture with all services ranging from database architecture consulting, to deployment, and optimization services. The team has exhaustive exposure to all databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, to name a few.

Mobility Technologies

Today is a Mobile-First world. Mobility is a key area for Finoux and we have developed mobility technology prowess across all areas viz. Native application development, hybrid application development to the latest progressive web applications. Our skills are on most mobile development frameworks like Ionic, React Native, PhoneGap, etc.

Scripting Technologies

Responsive Web development technologies using HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, jQuery, NodeJs, etc. is the order of the day and Finoux has developed maximum capabilities in this areas. Scripting technologies and responsive web development is our strong area from the technology perspective.

UI/UX Design Skills

A strong team of experienced UI/UX Designers build our design team which powers the visualization of the Finoux technology stack. We have developed strong capabilities over the last few years in multi-device, multi-asset visualization of the digital assets for the customers technology platform and we provide consulting and execution of their UI/UX strategy.

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