A one-stop sales platform that ‘Redefines’ sales of Financial Products through your Branch Network as well as Online.

About GoalPost

Goal Post is a comprehensive, integrated, modular, Front-Desk Sales Platform specializing in Distribution of Financial Services products using Intelligent Goal Planning Strategies, Core Banking Integration, and full transaction process integration, seamlessly.

 Key Issues in Financial Product Sales

WHY the need?

Product knowledge and Training

Banks invest substantially in training its front desk staff on the product knowledge. Substantial resources are invested in these training sessions with the branch teams on each Product of every Company that the Bank represents. Moreover, the complexity increases when the products are ever-so changing and newer products are launched periodically. Not only the initial training but the perpetual up-skilling also adds to the existing efforts and overhead costs incurred. These are some critical aspects witnessed in financial product sales at the customer sales / branch level.

Customer Needs of Right Product Mapping

Success of selling financial products to customers critically depends on the right selection of the product financially securing short-term and long-term life-needs of the customer. If the product is rightly positioned to service a particular life-need of the customer, it can dramatically improve the success ratio of the product. Unfortunately it is complex to do that in the brief interaction available with the customer.

Weak Customer Financial Literacy

Most customers themselves are not aware of the product-need fit and thus stay confused about which product applies to what aspect of their financial planning. It is important that a Bank has the tools not only to advice the customers on choosing the right product but also to educate them on the options for selecting the right product.

Disintegrated Systems

The Financial Product Companies (like AMCs, Insurance Cos., Investment Cos., etc.) and the Banks use mutually exclusive / independent systems to manage their processes. Given the delinked processes and lack of integrated systems between the Banks and related Companies, the sales process faces unforeseen technical difficulties in-turn affecting the customer buy-in.

Cross Selling Problems

As the sales of Financial Products promoted by Banks are not dependant on implicit needs of customers and is instead a reactive commodity for sale, the Bank is not always aware of an existing customer’s life-goals / unidentified requirements. As a result, this information, which is otherwise very crucial in cross-selling the products, is lost and not leveraged on for effective sales.

Mis-selling & Regulatory Costs

Banks continuously face the grave issue of wrong products being sold to the customers. Banks invest in a lot of resources to prevent mis-selling of financial products through their channels. Moreover, they are under strong regulatory penalties / implications to ensure that the customers are not misled into wrong investments, thus making the compliance of these instructions more critical than ever before!

GoalPost Features

HOW can we help you?


Key aspects of the customer planning journey like Risk Profiling, Goal Planning, etc. are seamlessly managed through an interactive, user-friendly interface of this one-stop system. It also analyses the investment type and recommends the right products for investment based on the profile of the prospective customer along with the investment gap! To add to this, once the recommended investment value is determined, the system also allows the user to re-adjust the goals to suit the investment capacity.


Based on the selected investment, the system provides the investment illustration, auto-fills the enrolment form and further automates the entire end-to-end product selling process digitally. That isn’t just it! The system also has the capability to integrate and work with third-party product companies or custodians to share the relevant information of the sale!


The system tracks the performance of the Investment vis-à-vis initial Goals set by the customer, thus helping them to re-adjust the investment based on the performance. System also helps the customers to execute the transactions related to the initial investments and make necessary course corrections in their plans.


After the planning and/or Investment process, if the customer needs to save certain goals to plan for the future and invest later, this can be done. It also provides an MIS for the Bank team to review goals that are planned but not invested in, thus reminding the customer towards that.

Benefits of Goalpost

Centralized System

This system can be implemented and managed centrally and can be used by branches across all locations of the bank. The system does not required training and is extremely intuitive.

Works across hierarchies

The system can generate reports across all hierarchies in the Bank and summarize the MIS levels at multiple levels in the Banks organization chart.

Mobile Devices Supported

The Bank Officers can complete the entire flow of the system from their mobile devices.

Customers of Goal Post