Staff Augmentation

Scale your team on demand with our staff augmentation services – we provide the right talent to help you meet your business goals and succeed

Staff Augmentation At Finoux

Finoux is a focused staff augmentation partner for companies that need application development skillsets with a strong domain background in BFSI Industries. We offer strong skills in areas of application development, database management, user experience design and development, integration with complex core and third-party systems, etc.

 Our Multi-Step “Smart Tuning” Process

Rigorous Hiring Process

Our recruitment contains multiple tiers of filtration including Aptitude
+ Tech Tests, Tech Interviews & Senior Level Mapping. Each of these stages serves as an additional layer of filtration, allowing the hiring team to thoroughly evaluate candidates’ aptitude, technical abilities, problem-solving skills, leadership potential, and cultural fit.

Real On-Job

Candidates who are successfully hired at Finoux are immediately deployed on diverse live projects involving complex application development. They join project teams where they actively contribute their skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions. At Finoux, we prioritize the utilization of our resources and strive to avoid “benching” employees. By actively involving our employees in real on-the-job experiences, we foster professional growth, create a dynamic work environment, and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Experienced Talent Pool

The presence of an experienced talent pool at Finoux enables a streamlined process that optimizes experience and exposure levels. With our focus on real-world projects and collaborative learning, our employees continuously enhance their skills and knowledge, resulting in a highly capable team that delivers exceptional results to our clients.

Staff Aug-Procedure

In the staff augmentation procedure at Finoux, Smart Augmentation Engagements are carefully assessed through a detailed “Mapping” process. This mapping aims to identify the most relevant resources for the engagement at hand. By thoroughly understanding the project requirements, timelines, and skill sets required, we ensure that the resources assigned are a perfect match for the client’s needs. Our mapping process involves evaluating the technical expertise, experience, and domain knowledge of our talent pool to align the most suitable professionals with the project.

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