Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management Solutions simplify your customer experience through the entire business journey, thus creating an agile, efficient and responsive experience both for clients and advisors.

Transforming your Wealth Management Business

As wealth management clients seek more digital capabilities, as they become more astute about Financial Planning, wealth management firm needs to reinvent themselves from the technology perspective.  Finoux helps a traditional Wealth Management firm re-model their services as “FinTech Offerings”

Wealth Management

Solutions for Wealth Management Industry

The Finoux Solutions for Banking Industry offers many ‘ready to plug’ and completely customizable frameworks which can be integrated in your existing technology environment, helping you achieve the crucial competitive differentiation.

Wealth Reporting Platform

Wealth Managers have a lower belief in the role of technology in reporting of wealth for their clients. This is mostly the case because either the existing systems are not able to generate dynamic, smart and presentable reports from their systems or it is perceived that the data is too complex to be able to be laid out into a simple easy to understand interface. Partially right, that they are, the missing is the smart Wealth Reporting Platform, from Finoux which offers extensive reporting, dynamic drill-downs, smart analytics and outstanding graphical representations.

Wealth Management Portals

As the world goes digital and wealth management business becomes competitive, wealth management firms need a way to acquire, service, report and manage their customers through digital platforms. Some wealth management, portfolio management and robo-advisory firms are taking this approach in their quest for a profitable, sustainable and scalable business. Finoux has the products and frameworks to implement wealth management portals in the shortest go-to-market time possible.

Financial Planning Systems

Financial Planning at the family level for the mass affluent is a great way to service and acquire new clients for many advisory and wealth management firms, who focus on those strata of the society. Finoux offers a complete financial planning solution for these firms, including advisory, transactions and tracking, all at one-stop!

RM Dashboards and Analytics

Relationship managers are the cornerstone of every wealth management business. They need to be armed with the most powerful reporting and analytical tools for advising and managing the clients. The RM analytics solution offers unique opportunity for the RMs to help create any slice of data from the system at the click of a button and present it to the client.  This serves as a powerful tool that also helps the RMs manage the client relationships through meeting management, tracking, etc.

Customers in Wealth Management