One Page Banking

Before 2020 every Bank will need a clear UX Strategy. Our’s is to begin & end the customer’s entire journey on ONE Single page!

One Page Banking at Finoux

Finoux’s BankONE is a simple lightweight layer that combines over 80% UX Functionalities into a single view. This is an unprecedented approach simply because while many banks claim to have one-page banking, hardly anyone has implemented anything more than a “dashboard” – the customers’ UX in these internet banking UIs still remains traditional and not really a single interface experience.

 Key Features of the Finoux OnePage Banking Platform

Truly Single Page

Finoux’s BankONE solution leapfrogs the single-page-bank conundrum with an approach that uses standard, robust & secure web technologies to deliver quick banking in the real sense to the customers by combining capabilities of a dashboard with transactions & reports … all into one web page.

Integrated with Core Banking API’s

The solution is a simple web interface that is exquisitely designed and carefully engineered as front-end. It simply sits on top of existing internet banking APIs and thus, doesn’t necessitate technology changes in the existing system which can be time consuming. Furthermore, our BankONE resides within the bank’s datacenter’s itself in order to remove all security vulnerabilities that come with introducing new systems in a bank.

Device friendly Responsiveness

BankONE has been built using Responsive Web technologies to ensure that complex data tables and controls render equally nicely on Desktop, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Innovation in Views

One of the key features of BankONE is its ability to unify all accounts such as Savings, Current, OD, FD and Loans into bite-sized widget UIs. It also enhances customer UX by providing a simple interface for frequently accessed features.

In-Built Data Visualisation

BankONE has some of its own graphs & charts rendering utilities within it such as bar graphs, stacked bar graphs, donut charts and line graphs.

Smart Keyword LookUp!

It is always painful to look-up a specific transaction from a long list of transactions that appear in any typical online banking statement. BankONE simplifies this by using common internet paradigms such as search. A simple keyword search gives a smarter & filtered result set to the user in seconds.


Customers in BankOne