The Smartest Trade and Trade Analytics Platform, giving your investors the complete control over what they traded in the past and what they should in the near future!

About Tick

Tick is a Smart and Integrated Online Trading Platform from Finoux for the active retail investor who needs a live actionable platform powered by smart and enriching analytics.  Tick comes with host of key modules that enables monitoring the market, analysing the stock movements, trading and keeping a tab on the positions, analysis, due-diligence and informed decision making – all in Real Time

Key Modules of Tick

Markets and Insight

Smart Insights curated from the market data and not available in regular market feeds, is the hallmark of this module. While covering the equity and derivative asset classes exhaustively, it provides personalized insights based on watchlists, and key developing trends on the market through a real-time feed. What the customers get is a compelling, captivating and a unified experience of the markets on one single platform.

Trades and Reporting

With Live streaming watch lists, multiple stock views, and insights, the tick platform also allows users to place trades seamlessly from anywhere in the product. Apart from the capability of unified integration with RMS and OMS platforms – to have seamless order creation and execution, Tick also generates insightful trade reports and instant notifications powered with a strong notification engine.

Spotlight Intelligence

Spotlight is the smart intelligent crawler within Tick which scans through the Fundamental and Technical data of all the listed companies in real-time, Research and Recommendations of the Broker as well as the Users preferences and portfolios. Spotlight uses analytics and computed mining to dig out the hidden patterns. These patterns are real opportunities which the Users can readily consume and make informed trading and investment decisions. It also provides actionable insights to convert news and corporate actions which don’t earn any brokerage into revenue generating trades and these trades would always be beneficial to the Users.

Portfolio Intelligence

Tick can be used as a presentation layer for any Portfolio Management solution used by the stock broker. The Users can track their portfolios from within Tick and trigger trades directly from here. The User can get personalized recommendations and spotlights for the holdings in their portfolios. This module helps in unification of all the features desired by your client in one single integrated interface platform.

Aggregate Research

Tick provides the Users with curated research and recommendations from different brokerage houses and independent analysts. These calls are aggregated in the Research Aggregation module in Tick and tracked to check whether the calls achieve their respective targets within the period over which the call is given. The Hits and Misses are maintained in the system and an accuracy score is calculated for the analysts and brokerage houses.

Trade Analytics

Finoux has developed a smart algorithm for the stock broker to track the trade insights and use it as a decision support system which can have its implications on various aspects of the business like brokerage offers, research, channel performance tracking, growth, etc. The trade analytics is a powerful tool that any broker hungry to grow the customer acquisition, and the profitability and volumes would like to have.

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