Our Products

Finoux has leveraged our technical expertise and service delivery experience to meet the needs of organizations in a variety of different industries in BFSI.

Our Products

Deep understanding of the business of financial services, our team saw obvious need gaps in certain areas and thus the products team, brought out the following smart products, Integrating these products with your digital strategy can accelerate your path-to-revenue and get you the best and fastest ROI on your digital investments.


A whole new trade analytics, reporting and transaction platform for Smart Investors.

Tick is the only investment front-end platform that bridges the Discovery, Analysis, Transaction and Tracking of the investments for the investors through a single unified cross-device application interface.

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Goal Post

A Centralised Integrated robo-advisory based sales platform for banks and large distributors through their branches.

Goal Post is a highly advanced Goal planning based sales platform specifically designed for financial products to be used by banks through their branch network. Goal Post integrates the 4 key processes of PLAN/SELL/TRACK/RE-SELL into one system and brings down the complexity of a sales process to 3 easy steps.
The Goal Post integrates with core banking systems and seamlessly brings customer information and insights to the sales process. It has an intuitive content management system that smartly suggests to the front desk staff key-pointers to highlight to the customer during a sales pitch with the customer.

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Fenfoo enables your clients to track all of their investments in a single place. You can add multiple asset classes from different countries to your portfolio. It also allows you to create multiple portfolios and track them together.

Fenfoo is an advanced tool that allows clients of online brokers and other investment companies to capture, analyse, track and act on the insights in their investments across over 9 asset classes. It helps you track investments across all asset classes and all exchanges. Unrealized profit/loss is calculated in real time giving a live picture of total net worth. Business Intelligence and data visualization merge together to give you all the necessary information in the form of interactive visual aids like pie charts, line graphs etc.

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Before 2020 every Bank will need a clear UX Strategy. Our’s is to begin & end the customer’s entire journey on ONE Single page!

Finoux’s BankONE is a simple lightweight layer that combines over 80% UX Functionalities into a single view. This is an unprecedented approach simply because while many banks claim to have one-page banking, hardly anyone has implemented anything more than a “dashboard”- the customers’ UX in these internet banking UIs still remains traditional and not really a single interface experience.

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Interactive Statements

Breathe Life into you online Bank Statements

Customers hate drab, static bank statements and reports. Our light-weight data visualization libraries work with BI tools to deliver unique, fully interactive and attractive Bank Statements to your Online Banking customers. Co-relating behavior against monthly averages provides additional insights to the customer, for smarter money decisions.

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