Portfolio Tracking is the most complex technology requirement for Stockbrokers and Investors alike. Fenfoo is a one stop solution that serves this requirement, as a Simple, Intuitive & Clever Investments Tracker.

About Fenfoo

A client makes investments in multiple assets belonging to different asset classes. He not only needs to analyze his holdings but also compare them against various criterions defined by him so that he can understand how his investments are performing vis-à-vis other comparable investment avenues. With simply uploading the transactions, Fenfoo demystifies the Portfolio Puzzle, automatically and creates a net worth of not only the customer but also gives the wondrous option of aggregating the net worth at the Family level.

 Key Value of Fenfoo

Multiple Asset Classes

Fenfoo supports over 9 different asset classes like Equity, Currency, Commodities, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, to name a few. It provides a combined view across all asset classes and provides for drill-down reports at the last transaction level within each Asset class.

Family Level Aggregation

Fenfoo supports multiple portfolios in one login. A user can not only create multiple portfolios for his own investments across all different distributors/brokers, but also integrate the same for multiple members of the family. Thus, it provides for family net worth across all portfolios, all accounts and all investments across asset class. It also shows exposure for particular industry, holding, asset class at the family level at a single click.

Smart Reports

In-depth Analytics backed with deep understanding of the reporting needs of the users, powers the smart reports module. Reports such as Allocations, Short-Sells, Capital Gains, Short Term and Long Terms, are some of the key reports on Fenfoo. The unique value proposition of the product is that these reports are not static in nature. Each report is a module in itself and provides exceptional graphical widgets for the users’ asset projections and ease of understanding.

Portfolio Integration 

Tick can be used as a presentation layer for any Portfolio Management solution used by the stock broker. The Users can track their portfolios from within Tick and trigger trades directly from here. The User can get personalized recommendations and spotlights for the holdings in their portfolios. This module helps in unification of all the features desired by your client in one single integrated interface platform.

Aggregated Research

Tick provides the Users with curated research and recommendations from different brokerage houses and independent analysts. These calls are aggregated in the Research Aggregation module in Tick and tracked to check whether the calls achieve their respective targets within the period over which the call is given. The Hits and Misses are maintained in the system and an accuracy score is calculated for the analysts and brokerage houses.

Trade Analytics

Finoux has developed a smart algorithm for the stock broker to track the trade insights and use it as a decision support system which can have its implications on various aspects of the business like brokerage offers, research, channel performance tracking, growth, etc. The trade analytics is a powerful tool that any broker hungry to grow the customer acquisition, and the profitability and volumes would like to have.

Customers Of Fenfoo