Capital Markets

Your Brokerage Business can go Digital in the Shortest possible time, with ‘Ready-To-Plug’ Application Frameworks.

Omni-channel Capital Market  Solutions

An Industry with possibly the maximum competition in the Financial Services Industry, we know that it is hard to stay competitive for traditional stockbrokers, especially in today’s disruptive environment. Finoux brings a suite of products, solutions and services to transform the business into a ‘Digitally Empowered’ patronage!

Products for Capital Markets


Tick offers the supreme convenience of Stock Discovery, Execution of Trade and Performance Tracking – It is an all in one application built specifically for today’s active retail investors.

Online Account Opening

Opening a new broking account costs time & resources for both the customer & the stock broker. The process drags on for many days and the cost of paperwork does not directly improve the final outcome. OAO acts as the saviour with smart, scalable technology that automates all the hard work for you – with improved efficiency and negligible costs!


FinMobi is a mobility framework for the financial market interfaces. This framework is the key to “Anytime-Anywhere” delivery of market and investment information, portfolio, trading, charts, research, etc.


The Advanced Portfolio Tracker is aimed at providing the customers a great tool to capture and manage investments and be able to do important analysis of the holdings, returns, taxation at a personal level or family level for over 9 asset classes.

Capital Markets

Solutions for Capital Markets

Finoux Capital Market Solutions offer a complete, end-to-end digitization of all the front-office, mid-office and back-office processes for a stock broking company.

Online Broking Portals

Our Online Broking portals combine latest technology and intelligent algorithms layered with intuitive user experience to create a highly differentiated Omnichannel digital broking enterprise. Our platform has earned the trust of majority of the leading stock brokers in India.

Smart Charts

Smart Charts is a light-weight powerful HTML5 based technical charting application with an intuitive design and powerful technical analysis tools. It comes with the best visual charts as well as powerful tools for swift research & smart analysis.

Research Platform

The Research Engine allows the Research Teams to create or publish relevant research and calls for their customers.  The interface is easy to use with the user getting an overview of published research and options to filter and search according to his personal preferences.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System is built bearing in mind the needs of the financial industry. Digital platforms need a combination of content and data presentation, which is not possible with run of the mill content management systems.

Customers in Capital Markets