We can be your partner in your ‘Digital Transformation’ journey, armed with disruptive products and frameworks that fuel your innovation with minimum time-to-market.



Disruptive Solutions for your Digital Bank

An Industry most affected with the disruptive ‘Fintech’ onslaught, the Banking sector needs to respond swiftly, effectively and with a much stronger value proposition.  Finoux brings a suite of products and solutions for the Digital Banking Initiatives with a complete service stack – from ideation to execution.

Products for Banking Industry


Finoux has made it possible for Internet and Mobile Banking users to experience a “real” Single Page Banking paradigm. Deeply integrating with CBS and other Banking systems via APIs, this solution runs its own intelligent algorithms and visually appealing UX interface which allows an unparalleled experienced for the busy internet banking user.  The 1 Page Banking platform allows the bank to publish functional widgets in reporting, transactions, analytics, etc. laced with complete freedom for the customers to personalise their Internet Banking Experience.


Goal Post is a centralised and integrated Sales Platform, especially designed for Selling Financial Products for Banks and Large Distributors through their branch networks. The Goal Post integrates with your core banking system and seamlessly brings customer information and insights to the sales process. Goal Post integrates the 4 key processes of PLAN/SELL/TRACK/RE-SELL into one system and brings down the complexity of a sales process to 3 easy steps.

Solutions for Banking Industry

The Finoux Solutions for Banking Industry offers many ‘ready to plug’ and completely customizable frameworks which can be integrated in your existing technology environment, helping you achieve the crucial competitive differentiation.

AI/ML Based Chatbot Platform

The Research Engine allows the Research Team to create or publish research and calls for their customers.  The interface is easy to use with the user getting an overview of published research and options to filter and search according to his personal preferences.

Interactive Statements

Now you can breathe life into your Bank Statements. Your customers don’t have to see drab, static reports. Our light-weight data visualization libraries work with BI tools to deliver unique, fully interactive and attractive Bank Statements to your customers.


Opening a new banking account or onboarding a customer for any banking product, costs time & resources for both the customer & the banker. The process may drag on for many days and the cost of paperwork does not directly improve your bottom-line. You need a smart scalable, paperless and innovative technology that automates all the hard work for you – with improved efficiency and negligible costs.


Smartshopper is a browser extension solution for helping the banks use the customers shopping behaviour and offer personalised and  timely offers using the bank products. This solution helps the banks dramatically improve the consumption of your products vis-à-vis competition.

Banking CSR Platform

Bank CSR Platform is a digital solution for managing the CSR initiative for the bank. Instead of working with a fixed set of NGOs, now the bank can open up their CSR initiative to all the organizations in the charity space and also open it up for the bank customers for their own charity. The execution of the CSR initiative can be done using the banking transaction platform.

Customers in Banking